Cilcain Community Council

The Cilcain Community Council consists of elected members representing all of the people in the Local Communities
of which Rhydymwyn and Hendre are a part.

When and where we meet:
Community Council meetings are held approximately every four weeks on the third Monday of each month.
All meetings are held in the Village Hall Cilcain .
If members of the public have any concerns they wish to raise with the council they are welcome to attend these meetings

Contact details of our local councillors:
(Clerk): Alun Evans  Tel. 01352 761241.
Rhydymwyn Council Members:
Cllr Gareth Hughes 741527(Chair)
Cllr Ian Smith 741889
Cllr Jean Ramsay 740858
Cllr Janet Butlin 741266

Cllr Pauline Douglas 741366

Cllr Greg Foster 741495

For more information about the work of Cilcain Community Council visit their website HERE  
County Councillor-Owen Thomas-740056
Cilcain Community Council
This page last updated 23/10/2018